CASA Visualization Environment

The casagui package provides graphical user interfaces for the CASA radio astronomy package. This new generation of interfaces will be based upon :xref”bokeh and will use web browsers for display. They are implemented in Python.

There are two basic documentation sections the primary section describes the applications that are provided by casagui. This section also describes the application programming interface (API) which can be used to launch and interact with the applications provided by casagui. The second describes the motivation, the design and the long term goals of casagui.

Applications and API

The first application provided by casagui is interactive clean. It has a simple API which allows users to performe interactive image reconstruction using CASA.

Development and Design

The design and development section describes the motivation, choices and architecture for casagui. It describes the design choice and tradeoffs that have been made. This section is priarialy useful for those users who would like to understand the design of casagui, develop new casagui applications or use the tools found within casagui to create new or different applications.

casagui source code is hosted on GitHub. There you can find the casagui development wiki which is the project management site for ongoing development.


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